Declan Foxly’s Diary #2

Yesterday was the longest day ever. Why did so many people come round to the house? Don’t they know I have a Batmobile Lego Kit to complete? How am I supposed to get any work done while under a barrage of questions and hair mussing? Yes, Santa was good to me. No, I don’t drink Brandy.

The cat has gone. Left in protest at all the interruptions I imagine. Mum is so worried about it that she finished a bottle of blue Gin, a big one that has flat sides and a picture of an old Queen on the label.

Dad made tea. Toast, beans and chocolate biscuits. He had to carry Mum upstairs earlier, fireman style. She was blocking the door to the kitchen. He’d better watch that, he could seriously do his back in. I heard him muttering something about mother’s ruin.