Declan Foxly’s Diary #4

Progress report

Project: Lego bat mobile

Undercarriage and two wheels in place. I think little sister has eaten an axle. Time will tell.

This is harder than it looks. I hate having to ask Mum to help me as she doesn’t follow the instructions properly but I don’t understand some of what’s going on and she’s very, very old so knows everything. She ended up crying.

All I said was “Has Doobie come back?” Apparently not. Dad has gone off to work and taken the car. He’s supposed to be on holiday so Mum is fizzing with him. She talks to herself when she is angry with him. She uses a funny accent and mumbles a lot into her own throat but I can make it out, mostly. Something about being stuck in the middle of nowhere with little brother, little sister and me with no Dad and no car. And it’s raining. And the cat is still missing.