Top 10 Reincarnation Destinations Owl What exactly is it you are looking at?

Reincarnation, what is it all about?

A remote Scottish island has an expert in residence on such matters. Father Peter is his name.

It was his own fault really. He has a way of just popping up when least expected, from behind a bush or out of a drain cover – I really don’t know how he does it. He scares the faith right out of me and always goes straight in with the probing questions “Where were you …” “How is your … “, and the rest.

He was about to launch into something biblical but I was ready for him for once. I asked him a question:

Do you believe in reincarnation?

I thought he would say yes but he said No!

He said, “We don’t believe in such things. You’ll need to look elsewhere if you want to delve into such things.”

I asked, “Didn’t Jesus come back after being dead?”

“He did but that was resurrection, not reincarnation.”

“It’s not the same thing?”

“No it isn’t”

“Even if you get resurrected as a fish, or something.”

He looked at me in a funny way, like I was in some way lacking in the brain department and went on his way without looking back.

I don’t know for sure if I believe in it or not but if I do make my mind up and it is a Yes from me then asĀ I’ve already done the human thing the next time I would like to come back as something feathery.

I can certainly see myself as an owl. Wise – of course, good at staring – a must, able to spin my head right round – most handy when crossing a busy road on my delicate but deadly claws. My hoot would be legendary, at least within the local area.

Top 10 Reincarnation Destinations Owl
What exactly is it you are looking at?

Thinking of reincarnation as a destination then an owl is in my Top 10. More to follow.

What is your top reincarnation destination?