Happiness: Take me to the Land of the Happy

The Happiest People in the World Live in Norway

Happiness. We all want it but how far are we willing to travel? This question comes from Drew McBride, an office worker from Aberdeen.

Dear Declan,

Happiness. Inspiration. Humour.

Those are my three favourite words. I try to find one of them in most things I do.

However, I’m just not all that happy. Or inspired. I barely crack a smile these days. I’d like to be happier. Even just a little bit happier than I am just now.  I was once described as a “happy chappy”. That was a long time ago. Now, people call me “soor faced”, or say “what’s up with your noggin?”. That kind of thing.

Someone left a magazine on my desk. Its called The Science Of Happiness. Inside it says that Norway is the happiest country in the world. There’s a picture of a smiling man with a beard.

I take it he’s Norwegian?

I currently live in Aberdeen, Scotland. Its alright on the very occasional day its not being battered by wind and rain. Usually its grey and depressing. The buildings are made of a grey stone which sucks the light and heat out of the locals. Even the happy ones.

Those buildings haunt me. I’m sure they are watching me. They seem to be able to get inside my head and when they do they tap at my cranium with their mean little sticks.

aberdeen grey buildings
Aberdeen – watching his every move

What’s left of my hair has gone grey. I think its trying to blend in. Even my skin has a weird grey hue to it these days. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think I’m morphing into a dolphin.

A sad, grey Aberdonian dolphin.

So, what do you think. Should I move to Norway?

Dear Drew,

What a brilliant question and inspiring story! I think you are amazing. Do you know what another word for grey could be?


That’s right. You live in a sparkling silver city on the edge of the ocean.

If you are becoming a dolphin then I can’t think of another creature I’d rather be.

Check out this short film on dolphins: Dolphins Are Super Smart

Relocating to Norway is a great idea. They have been recognised as The Happiest People in the World according to The World Happiness Report toppling neighbour Denmark from the number one position in  2017.

The Danes weren’t bothered. They are too deliriously happy and high on Hygge to care!

Who knows where this year’s winners will be?

I’d take a guess that Norway and Denmark will still be above Scotland!

The Scandanavians decouple wealth and well-being and instead focus on the small things that really matter like spending quality time with friends and family and enjoying the good things in life.

Does that sound like you Drew?

I’m sure you’ve heard of Hygee the Danish Art of Cosiness. The Norwegians have their own version which is called Koselig. Spending more of your time searching out cosiness, intimacy, warmth and contentment can lead to a cloudburst of happiness.

Of course, every country has its problems but I’m sure you’ll look into that before making the final plunge.

I wish you the best of luck Drew, please let me know what you decide to do and whether your dolphin metamorphosis carries on to the next stage.

Until then, click-click-clack, and enjoy the Koselig!

This is more like it – soor faced no more!