Fatherly Advice: Give yourself another chance

Not everything works out.

Remember that one thing that was so important to you that just didn’t happen.

Or the other that was within your grasp but then just slipped through your fingers.

All the work that you put in, the time, the effort, the thought.

For what?

Maybe there was nothing you could have done about it.

Circumstances conspired against you.

Or maybe it was your fault that things didn’t work out.

That happens too.

It could be that you hurt someone.

Someone dear to you.

Or they hurt you.

Such things can weigh heavily on you.

That weight can slow you down and leave you feeling that your self-worth is less than it was.

Then what?

You might hide away, feeling ashamed and trapped.

Finding yourself in a place where the more you think the more lost you become.

You find that you are tied up in a tangle of darkness.

You end up fighting a war against yourself.


Give yourself some time.

Life can be good again.

There is still a way to turn things around.

Look towards a better future.

Remember that you are not alone.

There is a world out there that you have yet to discover.

Take a moment and look up to the sky.

Can you see the stars?

They are there, moving in their own mysterious orbits.

Vast, distant giants, full of wonder, each with its own hidden history.

You are the author of your own story.

Give yourself another chance

The song This the Sea by The Waterboys stirs up some of these feelings for me.

I especially like the lines:

“Once you were tethered

Now you are free”

The full lyrics can be found here

Search for: The Waterboys This is the Sea




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