Fatherly Advice: Time is more valuable than money

Time is more valuable than money.

The cash burning a hole in your pocket can’t buy you any more time.

Time can’t be stockpiled.

Your own allocation of time is unknown.

Will it keep going until you are 100?

Or will it end tomorrow?

All that money you have can buy all sorts of things, of course.

Some of those can make your life easier and more pleasant.

If you find yourself the ranks of the financially succesful you could use some of it for good.

Or perhaps you’d prefer to sit back and admire the size of your balance.

You may even appear on one of the lists of people with the most money such as the Forbes Billionaires List 

If you did appear on one of the lists would you feel like a winner, even if you were at number 190 like David Geffen?

I can’t find a list for who has the most time.

The rules in place around time mean that we can’t outsmart, hustle or cheat it.

There’s no Frankenstien shortcut to double your own time allocation.

If you could somehow buy yourself more time then would that make you happier?

After all, in time terms we all end up the same: with nothing left.

The good news is that with each new day our remaining time becomes more valuable.

Our own stock value of time is rising.

Spend it well!



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