Fatherly Advice: You have one year left to live


It can be good while it lasts.

Of course it doesn’t last forever.

I won’t always be here.

Nor will all the other people that I know.

And neither will you.

It’s one of the things that makes us human: we understand that we won’t be around forever but we don’t really know how long we do have left.

None of us know.

We are all strapped into our own little space-craft.

We are all spinning into the unknown.

Some of us are drifting slowly, off into deep space.

Some of us are hurtling headlong into the heart of the sun.

All of us are all being pulled ever closer towards the burning star that is our shared destination.


So, let’s say that you did know how long you had left.

You know that you have exactly one year.

On this date, next year, you will no longer be in the land of the living.

Take a moment to think about that.

How do you feel?


What is the first thing you think of?

The people you love?

Will you’ll miss them?

Will they will miss you?

Will they be okay without you?


Those things you didn’t do.

Those things you did.

What about your job, will you go in tomorrow or just walk away?

What will you do with your possessions, your money?

Share them out, give them away?

Will you throw a party, go to the pub, lock yourself away and cry,  order in pizza and set up in front of the television?

Many of us would reflect on what is important.

And this throws up two key questions.

What are the really important things?

What do I spend my time doing now?

This can be worked out by looking at what you did today, in the last week, in the last month and year.

This may seem obvious but just quickly add up how much time you spend each day at work, looking after children, sleeping, commuting, watching television and on-line (including your mobile phone).

One hour a day over one year is 15 days

Two hours a day over one year is 30 days

Seven hours a day over one year is 106 days

I watch televsion every day. Sometimes for an hour or two, sometimes more.

That’s 30 days of my time used up over the next year.

What else could I do with that time?

Think about these questions.

Try writing down how you spend your time.

Align that with what is important to you.

It could prove to be a valuable use of your time today.

Do it now, before that television program you like starts!

One Year Left

The song  Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper is a contemplation of time.

Eva Cassidy performed a haunting version.

I love the line “After your picture fades and darkness has turned to grey”

The full lyrics can be found here

Search for: Eva Cassidy Time after time

The  video can be viewed below.





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