I’m Declan Foxly.

Welcome to dfoxly.com

This site is mainly about Writing.

There are blog posts, short stories, song lyrics, poems, chapters from novels together with Ask Declan posts.

I am an established expert in how not to be a successful writer.

Careful study of this site may well help you to avoid the many pits that I have, so far, stumbled into!

I don’t have anything to sell you so I won’t be asking you to part with any money.

In the unlikely event that I do actually finish something of value then I imagine I’ll be charging something less than one dollar / pound / euro for it.

You’ve been warned. Start saving!

Many visitors to this site are kind enough to contact me with questions for Ask Declan

There is a rumour out there that I am an expert in question answering on a wide range of subjects.

I didn’t start that rumour. Why don’t you read some of the answers to see if you agree?

Please in touch using by the using the Contact Page or by email at contact@dfoxly.com

As way of further introduction here are a few facts;

I live in Scotland which is a small country just outside London, England.

I am dad to three young children.

I haven’t much left in the way of hair or wits.

I used to be able to play the drums but it’s been so long that I’m not sure which way up they go.

learned to play by listening over and over to the same song which may be why I can only really play one beat.

One of my favorite drummers is Neil Peart, here he is playing all the drums at once.

My favourite guitarist is Stuart Adamson, here’s why

One of my favorite books is about a boy wizard who goes to a school of wizardry called (sound familiar?)  A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula Le Guin

Feel free to comment on anything that you find here.

Hope you enjoy!

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