A little fatherly advice


When you need it you don’t get any and then someone offers it up for free and you just ignore it!

Parenthood is an unforgiving advice bootcamp.

Mothers and fathers are drowned in a sea of well intentioned information.

Not all of it is helpful.

Some of it is completly wrong.

Some is no longer legal though apparently it never did them any harm.

And what about those bigger questions?

When children are little they begin to ask questions like what is a nut made of  – what does the moon sound like – why is green?

Tricky, certainly.

Although you can tell them anything to just move on but some have the memory of a small elephant so be warned.

And what about those big subjects, the ones you are not too sure about yourself;

Life – what does it all mean?

Death – The end of the line. Or is it?

Time – tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock. Stop.

Purpose – My purpose is to find a purpose.

Happiness – A slippery fish to catch. Even harder to keep a hold of.

Legacy – Should you just keep it all for yourself?

Work – That’s no place to spend a life.

The Future – where is the map?

How do you tackle talking about them?

If you are anything like me then you have spent a lot of brain energy thinking about each of these and not really came up with anything that can be filed under the chapeter called Revelations.

Still, you don’t want your own children falling into the same sticky places that you did.

So, as a way of getting my own thoughts straight and hopefully passing on something useful to you the reader, I am begining my journey to nail down the answers to those timeless questions here …

Time, now that may be a good place to start …

Time is more valuable than money







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