A compilation of advice from a father for his children.

Not the preachy stuff.

There’s no shouty, fire and brimstone “do this or else”

It’s more along the lines of when in doubt, ask yourself this …

It could be called Learn from my mistakes!

Or, This is all I’ve got to say!

Or, Let me tell you something before I forget …

Hopefully this will prove useful and that we’ll all learn something along the way.

After all, I don’t know what I’m going to say yet, who know’s what’s going to come out!

The idea for doing this has been brewing for a while now.

Read on below if you’d like to know more.

Meanwhile, thanks for reading and enjoy!

There was a large, dusty, leather bound notebook in amongst my Dad’s things.

My heart leapt. This was it. I just knew there would be something in amongst all this stuff.

When I opened it there were some hand written sheets of musical notation and lots of empty pages.

My heart sank back down as I stored it away in a box along with some photo albums, a book about gardening and a few paperbacks.

This is everything I know.

That’s what I had wanted to find. The title page of the book of knowledge that he’d left behind. Handed down from a father to his children. All the things he knew. What to do and what not to do. Lessons learned. A book of knowledge and advice.

Of course I don’t blame him for not writing it.

This was an idea that had grown in my mind, not his.

I tried to think of the things he had taught me.

I scribbled some of them down.

My first son was six months old at the time my Dad died.

The twins came later.

What advice would he have given to me on fatherhood?

What did he think about his own life, about work, family and the future?

Those were some of the questions that I wanted to ask him.

And ask myself.

What can I pass on to my own children?

Can I write anything down that’s not going to sound clichéd or preachy?

Do I actually know anything of any value?

Perhaps I’ll surprise myself – where did I learn that?

Or maybe this will end up being very short.

At least I have a title to work with.

That’s a start. So, here we go.

This is everything I know.